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We thank you for your continuing love and support!

          Welcome to Stone River Records, home of recording artist, Big G. Stone River Records was established in 2003 and with all the ups and downs in the music industry has stayed strong and prospered through it all. With the growing popularity of Big G, fans from around the world have embraced him and his style of music with the most gracious of hospitality any artist could ever hope for.


It hasn't been easy but the staff and artist of Stone River Records' number one goal is to work hard to make it work. Stone River Records and Big G would like to thank all fans, radio DJs, promoters, band members, and most of all, God Almighty because music is a blessing to us all.

Please take the time and visit the Music Store.



Cynthia Vaughan,

CEO of Stone River Records



Stone River Records


PO Box 24566

Richmond VA 23224



Cynthia Vaughan


Office: 804-537-2444

Mobile: 804-615-2196

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